Agronomos, LLC – Cannabis Project

Project Overview

Agronomos was looking to reuse an abandoned industrial facility to locate a Cannabis grow, processing, and dispensary. EC4B worked with Agronomos and AGS to develop an HVAC system to meet their specialty temperature and humidity requirements.

Reusing an old industrial facility brought new life and jobs to a depressed area, revitalizing the neighborhood, putting an empty building to use and back on the tax roll.

One of the biggest challenges was working with the low ceiling heights of the existing building. We worked with Agronomos and Suppliers to design an under bench fabric duct solution. This had several benefits: conservation of overhead space, providing cooling directly to the plant roots, and air in the space flows up with natural convection, pulling heat from the lights away from the plants, providing a better temperature profile in the rooms.

Project Name

Project Type
Adaptive Reuse


Agronomos, LLC

Detroit, MI

15,000 ft2

8,000 ft2

Company Bio
Cannabis Grow, Cannabis Processing, Cannabis Dispensary

Project Engineer
Bill Murray